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Waste & Recycling Savings Program

A waste program built to make your life easier by taking the responsibility of trash off of your plate. Evolved Services is committed to helping clients save money on waste services, control rising costs, optimize service levels, and champion sustainability efforts for no out of pocket cost.

About Evolved Services


Evolved Services is a family-run business that was founded to help companies manage trash so that they can focus on what they do best. After working for similar waste consultant companies, we founded Evolved Services to save our clients money, but to also provide top tier customer service. We put a high emphasis on customer satisfaction and take pride in the fact that each of our client's need are addressed within an hour and we are available 24/7. 

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Renegotiate Rates & Contract Terms

With our industry experience and expertise, we work on our client's behalf to renegotiate rates for trash services. Our average savings is 31% per property, per account. In addition to lowering costs, we also edit contract terms to ensure the contract has customer-centric language to protect you. 

Service Optimization

We ensure that each property we work with is being serviced per the national averages. If we see containers pulling empty or service efficiencies that we can bring to the table, we will. 

Customer Service

We do not sign contracts on behalf of our clients, so you can still reach out to the hauler on your own. We never want to be a middle man. However, we will help when there are ongoing issues, or if you want us to handle it. We are here and available to help at all times. We prioritize customer service and will reply to all client inquiries within an hour of receiving, if not sooner. 

Invoice Auditing

Each month we will review and double-blind audit each waste bill to ensure accuracy. If there are any discrepancies, we will make you aware of it to either short pay the bill or chase credits when needed. We are here to ensure that your costs do not continuously rise more than what the contract allows. 

Budgeting &

We will have record of all your invoices and can help forecast costs for the new year. In addition to forecasting, we send quarterly reports to update you on negotiation statuses, credits chased, savings achieved, and more. 

Setting Up
New Builds

Some of our clients are in the process of building a property and need our assistance in choosing the best services and service levels for their site. We assist in setting up properties with the best terms and rates from day 1 and also ensure a smooth phase in property and help increase waste service as occupancy fills. 

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