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We are your Trash Team 

We specialize in all things trash and handle the dirty business so that you can excel at what you do best.

Garbage Truck

Evolved Services was founded to make your life easier. Waste services are something that most physical businesses need. However, your operations and maintenance teams are not expected to be experts in trash pricing and ensuring that your properties have the best services for your site. That is where we come in. 

We help our clients secure the best vendors, services and pricing for their sites. We take all the hassle off your plate and do the dirty work. Once we have set up everything, we come back to you and present your options and advise on the best route forward. 

In addition helping set up services, we also are here to support you throughout the contract term. We ensure that your costs are contained and controlled by auditing your invoices monthly and chasing credits where needed. We provide quarterly reports regarding financials and can assist in achieving any and all ESG initiatives your company wishes to achieve. 

In short, think of us as an internal department of your company to handle all things trash for no out of pocket cost. We operate on a split savings model. 

What We Are About

Cost Savings

Most clients come to us because they believe they are overpaying for their trash services....and they are right. Our average savings is 31% per property.


It is important to ensure that your property is being serviced correctly per the national average. We will advise you on the correct services and continuously monitor your property to ensure your bins are pulling at capacity. 

Customer Satisfaction

Our clients are the most important part of our business. Your satisfaction is crucial and we will go above and beyond to ensure you are happy. We assist in ongoing customer service issues and can  help with any and all things trash. This includes custom reports, budgeting assistance, sustainability initiatives and so much more. 

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